About Agri-Expo

Agri-Expo (SE) is a fast growing land-based industry show for the South East of England and beyond. Manufacturers, machinery dealers and other companies directly involved in agriculture have been quick to support the show and are keen to see it grow and become one of THE must see events on the agricultural calendar. It is notable that not only have the local dealerships stepped up to support the organisers, companies from as far away as Scotland and Northern Ireland will be attending. All can see the huge potential of this event ...

The briefest of History.

In 2011, the Agri-Expo(SE) event broke new ground as the first of its kind in this part of the world, but it has its roots in smaller events that have proved equally popular with the Kent and Sussex farming community

During recent years RAMSAK has been the driving force behind a fruit-focused machinery demonstration day that has been well supported and has also set out to highlight new products to ring members and others.

Like the Agri-Expo event, the demonstration day was based around new products and featured two significant firsts, the UK debut of Tecnoma’s new Eolis orchard sprayer and the first appearance in Kent of the new John Deere range of fruit tractors. The demonstration days helped to raise the organisation’s profile as well as providing added value to existing members by bringing together a range of new products and providing a good networking opportunity.

It was a great chance for visitors to catch up with what was new on the market, talk to manufacturers and network with each other, and that’s exactly what Agri-Expo will continue to do but on a much bigger scale It can be difficult for farmers and growers to evaluate the benefits of new equipment just by looking through a catalogue, and shopping around is difficult if you need to visit several different dealerships to compare what is on offer.

That’s what inspired RAMSAK to set up the machinery demonstration days and it’s the same logic that has now resulted in this big industry-wide event. How else can you get to talk to the manufacturers’ representatives, see rival products side by side and really get to grips with a new bit of kit before getting your cheque book out?

As well as giving exhibitors the opportunity to promote their businesses, the organisers are keen to promote education and training, business development, diversification opportunities and collaborative projects.

The Organisers

Agri-Expo is organised by Pitchfork Events Ltd, a RAMSAK owned company, in conjunction with KCAS and support by South East Farmer Magazine

Any unauthorised use of the trade-marked Agri-Expo name or logo is strictly prohibited without prior written agreement from its owners - Pitchfork Events Ltd.

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